Mental health and hypnotherapy

Summer is well and truly over and as we await the auterm months we should bare in mind that darker nights, cold mornings can bring about some sessional mental heath issues, anxiety about heating costs, the buildup to Christmas can get many people down. Me included I’m a happy single woman except for Christmas. It doesn’t hurt to notice these feelings and should they become too much then seeing someone like myself can help. I’m based in Gillingham Kent and offer hypnotherapy for many issues anxiety and depression being just 2

Holidays for hypnotherpist

I hope everyone’s having a super Thursday. I’m going away soon, only for a few days down on the south coast, we try to do it every year, as many of my extended family as possible. Have to get it in before the kids go back to school. How do you feel when school starts again? I used to struggle, I’d got used to having them around. How do you feel about holidays? They can be so stressful. You need another to get over it.

I am here with a listening ear. Talking therapy and hypnotherapy if you’re struggling get in touch don’t struggle alone!

Hynotherapist – Gillingham, Kent

Hi All

Thought I would go through some of the things I offer that you may not have considered

I am a Clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist counsellor and BWRT practitioner I am based in Gillingham in the Medway area of Kent.

I can help with psychosexual issues, hypnosis for childbirth, HBT and CBT. hynonisis behaviour therapy and congnative behavior therapy. I am trained in hypnoanalysis and psychoanalysis. Regression into childhood to achieve catharsis

I work with fybromyalga cronic fatigue and pain management.

Plus many other issues, give me a call for a confidential informal chat 07923 100323

The long hot summer

Hello all

Oh my, its been hot. I’ve just read that it’s getting hot again after this weekend!

Personally I’m not a sun worshiper, my season is spring, new beginnings and t shirt weather. What is your preferred season?

I have digressed from hypnotherapy – I could help if anyone is really struggling, insomnia so bad with the heat, weight loss for the summer wardrobe or to get healthier. Quit smoking and help save for a vacation, lack of motivation, and fear of flying. If any of this interests you give me a call or book an appointment

Have a great summer!



My Analysts Experiance

So, it’s been a while since I had my hypnoanalysts, For me it was a fairly long process, I learnt a lot about myself. Things I was kind of aware of and, some that I wasn’t. I didn’t have a big reveal, more of a slow burn but, it really explained where some of my traits come from and why rescues seem to move me tears, more than anything else can. I do like to understand myself and it was a good experience. I feel more positive as a result. I really look forward to helping someone else experience the therapy, and clear the pathway for them to feel positive about their life in the same way that I do now.

If you are interested in analysts or any other therapy that I offer, please do get in touch 07923 100323


In The Beginning….

Today I had my first session of hypnoanalysis, I was really looking forward to getting started, I’ve heard from others about the great process and results that are achieved with hypnoanalysis. I have chosen the amazing, award winning Georgina McKinnon for my therapy and session 1 went really well, it was exciting and a little daunting, I’m looking forward to session two next week

Hypnoanalysis is the process of working through childhood issues and memories that may be influencing your adult life. Childhood memories can become repressed, blocked out of mind or replaced with an alternative memory, through the hypnotic process these can be reached and details enhanced. Understanding the process and how change happens first hand is vital for any therapist wanting to work with analysis. When I work with my clients I want to achieve the best possible results. Analysis can and is life changing, dealing with physical problems that Dr’s struggle with such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia to name just two. If you think analysis may be for you call me for an informal chat or email me

I also want to tell you about the exciting BWRT workshop I’m attending on Sunday 16/07/17 Run by June Hale and Georgina McKinnon. The theme is procrastination a common issue that many of us can relate to at some point in our lives, I know I certainly can, working with BWRT is fast and very effective many times only a single session is all that is needed, results are noticeable immediately  in my opinion BWRT is the future for many problems the results are outstanding. I am so excited to be involved in this new ground breaking therapy.  Again anyone wanting further information feel free to contact me

If you would like any other areas talked about or explained just leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to cover it next time

Until then have a great week, if not don’t suffer in silence get in touch I can help