About Jo

Jo Cherry Hypnotherapist BWRT Hypnoalanysis Gillingham Kent PortraitJo has had lots of experience throughout her life that helped her to understand mental health issues and in particular how important it is to have a good level of mental health.

Jo’s first experiences around this were from when she was young as her father suffered from bi-polar disorder.  These experiences were a great learning point for Jo as she learned the importance of looking for help when it is needed.

This is something that Jo needed herself after having a mental breakdown and being assisted with coming through that by using counselling, CBT and mindfullness CBT.

The benefits of counselling inspired Jo to learn this skill so that she could help others with their own problems.  Jo continues to update her skills regularly and has since completed training in hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis and psychotherapy.

Jo used the skills that she learned to help her son increase his confidence to pass his HGV test and helped her sister to increase her confidence before going for surgery.